Add-Adhd Problems focusing on nearby objects


Approximately 11% of school-aged children have been diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to recent studies. The central symptoms of ADHD — difficulty sustaining attention, poor control of behavior, hyperactivity — make it difficult for children to succeed in school. Additionally, parents of kids with ADHD may become frustrated with their behavioral outbursts and … Continued

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Ocular Motor Dysfunction

Parents are often aware of the need to screen children for nearsightedness or farsightedness, but fewer know about other pediatric vision problems. Ocular motor dysfunction is a condition that often manifests in childhood, although adults may also have this disorder. Because ocular motor dysfunction causes serious disruption of everyday abilities such as reading, it is … Continued

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accommodative-dysfunction Visual discomfort, such as soreness or strained eyes

Accommodative Dysfunction

Simply put, accommodative dysfunction means that the eyes have difficulty focusing properly. Studies suggest that between 2 and 17% of children may suffer from accommodative dysfunction. The nature of this disorder means that it sometimes goes unnoticed in standard vision screenings conducted at school. Thus, it is important that parents schedule a comprehensive eye exam … Continued

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teeth grinding

Learning-Related Vision Problems

Learning disabilities may include dyslexia, math disorder, writing disorder, auditory processing deficits, or visual processing deficits. Although each child with a learning disability is unique, many also have associated visual problems. Addressing these vision disorders may alleviate some symptoms of learning disability. How Are Learning Disabilities Diagnosed? Most often, a teacher recognizes a child falling … Continued

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Pediatric Ophthlamology

Ophthalmology addresses the physiology, anatomy and diseases of the eyes. Pediatric ophthalmology focuses on the eyes of children. Pediatric ophthalmologists examine children’s eyes to see if they need corrective lenses or other treatments to improve their vision. Training for Pediatric Ophthalmologists Pediatric ophthalmologists graduate from medical school just like other types of doctors, but they … Continued

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Getting Your Child Accustomed to New Glasses

Helping Your Child Adjust to New Glasses Whether your child just started wearing glasses for the first time or recently got new glasses, getting used to a pair of glasses can take a little time. These four tips may help ease the adjustment process. Consider Your Child’s Opinion When Selecting Frames Chances are you wouldn’t … Continued

sign and symptoms

Signs and Symptoms Checklist

Vision therapy, which is also known as vision training or visual training, is an individualized treatment program that can help identify and correct perceptual-cognitive deficiencies that are impacting visual learning, focus, and concentration. Vision Therapy for Children: Checklist While individuals of all ages can benefit from vision therapy, it may be especially helpful for young … Continued