Pediatric Eye Care for Thornton, CO

Youth Dental & Vision has provided premier eye care services to children in Denver and the surrounding areas of Aurora and Thornton for the last 15 years. There is nothing more important to us than your child’s ocular health and vision. This is why we do our best to make your child’s time in our office as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

About Youth Dental & Vision

Youth Dental & Vision focuses on creating a team of nothing but the most experienced professionals in the business. We’re a diverse team that specializes not only in providing pediatric eye care but also in working well with our young patients. We know that visiting a pediatric eye care center can be stressful, so we’ve cultivated a relaxed, stress-free environment for you to enjoy.

We offer Medicaid dental, Medicaid vision, CHP dental, and CHP vision to our patients in Aurora, CO; Denver, CO; Hampden, CO; and Thornton, CO. We’ll work around your schedule to help you make time for a children’s eye exam. Our personalized care is some of the best in the business in terms of both quality and compassion.

We want to give all Colorado children access to the dental and vision care they need. We want you to be able to smile with confidence. Give us a call today at (303) 953-8801 to schedule a kid’s eye exam.

About Our Services

We aim to provide compassionate dental and vision care from infancy all the way to the patient’s 21st birthday. We have a comfortable, charming lobby with toys and games as well as cartoon- and sports-themed patient rooms. We also offer legacy discounts for lasting customers.


Youth Dental & Vision accepts most major insurance plans, including:

Vision: Medicaid, CHP+, Denver Health Medicaid. Our Aurora location also takes Tricare.

Dental: Medicaid, CHP+, Delta, United Healthcare, Assurant, Cigna, United Concordia, Guardian, Denver Health, and more

We also accept personal payment plans.

If you have any questions about insurance, give us a call, and we’ll happy to figure things out with you. Our office has Spanish-speaking staff and translators for you to work with. Personal que habla español y traductores están disponibles.

Eye Care Services You Can Trust

Regular visits with an optometry professional are an essential part of helping to maintain your child’s ocular health. It is important to start your child’s eye exams at their earliest stages of life. Infant exams are critical in terms of being able to detect visual and ocular disorders early on. Many parents make the assumption that infants and pre-school aged children don’t need to be examined by an optometrist however, this assumption is false. 35 percent of America’s preschool aged children are diagnosed with a visual defect each year according to a study financed by the National Institute of Health.

Common Conditions

The most common eye problems seen in preschool aged children include astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. In addition, other common conditions that can affect the sight of school aged children include:

The optometry professionals here at Youth Dental and Vision are trained to treat, and even reverse some of the most common eye issues that affect children if they are detected early enough. 

What to Expect

Parents and their children who enter our offices in Aurora, Denver, Hampden, and Thornton can expect several very important things. We make every effort to provide an environment that is happy and an overall fun place to be. A first time patient exam will take a little more time as out team members will complete a history and physical where we will ask if there is any family history of eye conditions or diseases. During the course of an evaluation we are careful to take our time with the children we see. We allow all of the time they need to identify items on charts and to verbalize their responses if they are able to do so. We don’t want our patients to feel rushed because it could prevent us from making an accurate assessment. If it is determined your child needs glasses, we are happy to write the prescription, and fit your child for some new frames. We carry over 250 colorful and fun frames that will have your child looking and seeing their best.

Visit One of Our Colorado Centers Today

We want children to have healthy eyes because that is the foundation for everything they will do moving forward. An eye condition can stunt or even prevent a child’s ability to learn. If your child has not had their eyes tested recently give us a call at one of our offices to schedule an appointment today.  Dial 303-343-3133 to reach our Aurora office, 303-825-2295 to reach our Thornton office, 720-866-9906 to reach our Hampden office, and 303-825-2295 to reach our Denver office. We look forward to seeing you and your child.