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Does Your Child Have Impacted Canines?

Ideally, your child’s teeth grow in perfectly straight and healthy, but that is rarely the case. Most people have some minor crookedness or overcrowding. Unfortunately, some people have such severe overcrowding there isn’t enough room for all the teeth to grow, including the canines. If your child’s canines aren’t appearing, or if they seemed to … Continued

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4 Oral Health Habits to Teach Children in Addition to Brushing and Flossing

Teaching your children to brush and floss their teeth regularly is one of the many tasks of parenting. But once they’re old enough, you may want to teach your children about other ways to keep their teeth healthy as well. After all, with over half of American adults suffering from gum disease, it’s clear that the nation’s … Continued

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First-Time Parents: Maintaining Your Child’s Oral Health

If you’ve recently had your first child, you’re likely looking into all of the things you should do to raise your kids the right way. While you probably have a pediatrician from their birth to help walk you through the medical care that you should provide, chances are that you likely do not have a … Continued

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