Our Denver Youth Dental & Vision in Denver, CO Discusses Why It’s Important to Have a Healthy White Smile

Our Denver Youth Dental & Vision in Denver, CO knows that the biggest benefit of a healthy, clean smile is self-confidence. There are few things sadder than a child who won’t smile because they’re embarrassed by their teeth! Most people with good teeth—children and teenagers included—don’t think much about it. But any person, especially one at a young age can suffer from lowered self-esteem if they’re embarrassed about their teeth. This can show up in more areas than just this year’s school pictures! A clean, shining smile will help make sure your child has self-confidence. It’s good for hygiene and great for pictures that you’ll want to look back over when they’re older!

Different Ways to Whiten Your Teeth With a Dentist

While you can buy many over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions, most of them only make teeth 1-2 shades brighter. A professional dental treatment can help make teeth 3-9 shades brighter! The two most popular professional whitening methods are tray-and-gel, and laser whitening. A professional tooth whitening gel and tray (mouthpiece) is one of the most popular methods in use today. Your dentist creates an impression of your child’s teeth, then uses it to create a perfectly-fitting tray. Then, your youth will use the tray at regular intervals, filling it with professional-grade tooth whitening gel.

Laser whitening also uses a tray and whitening gel. In addition, your dentist uses a laser to help speed up the chemical, process. The laser itself doesn’t actually whiten your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your tooth or anything (it still sounds cool though!). This is a perfect method for less-than-patient kids!

Even though you can buy several types of tooth whitening products over the counter, most of them simply aren’t the professional strength of what a dentist can provide. In addition, having a trained professional create the right tray for you almost always results in a better fit (and therefore more consistently white teeth without any missed spots). Having a trained professional is especially important when working with children and teenagers.

How Denver Youth Dental & Vision Can Help

From teeth whitening to sports injury care, Denver Youth Dental & Vision has been serving Denver youth for over 15 years. We have offices in Denver, Aurora, and Thornton. Dr. Jodi, the resident dentist, has been working and volunteering with children since the age of 10–a child herself! Along with teeth whitening, she provides general dental services, including yearly checkups, cleanings, cavity services, sports injury care, and essential youth dental exams. 

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