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Oral Surgeon in Denver, CO

Dr. Tasos Belegratis

Recognizing the importance of communication, Dr. Belegratis emphasizes building strong relationships with his patients. "I take pride in fostering rapport and achieving positive outcomes," he shares. "By discussing treatment options and ensuring comfort, I aim to guide patients through the process seamlessly."

Dr. Tasos Belegratis

About Dr. Belegratis

Dr. Tasos Belegratis, a Denver native, earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Colorado School of Dentistry. Specializing in wisdom teeth removal, he practices at Denver Youth Dentistry and Orthodontics, Hampden Youth Dentistry and Orthodontics, Thornton Youth Dentistry and Orthodontics, and Aurora Youth Dentistry and Orthodontics.

With a focus on surgery, Dr. Tasos completed a two-year general practice residency, honing skills in dental implants, wisdom teeth extraction, and general dentistry. He is also certified in intravenous sedation.

Locations Served

Aurora Youth Dental

14251 E. 6th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011

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Denver Youth Dental

1400 Grove Street, Denver, CO 80204

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Thornton Youth Dentistry and Orthodontics

550 E. Thornton Parkway, Suite 240A, Thornton, CO 80229

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Kids Dentist in Denver

If you’re looking for a kids dentist in Denver, Youth Dental and Vision is here for you, with six convenient locations in Aurora, Denver, Thornton, and Hampden. To schedule an appointment, call (303) 953-8801 or complete the online booking form.

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