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Protect Your Child’s Smile: Children’s Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding and Sports

by Youth Dental

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Reviewed By Dr. Jodi Kuhn

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Parents often go the extra mile to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. An essential aspect of maintaining good overall health in kids is prioritizing their oral health – this includes protecting their teeth from damage caused by grinding or playing sports.

This blog post will talk about why your child may need a mouth guard, the different types available, and the benefits of buying a custom mouth guard.

Teeth Grinding: A Common Issue in Children

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a common issue among children and adults alike. This unconscious clenching and grinding can lead to jaw pain, headaches, and dental damage. 

In children, stress, anxiety, or misaligned teeth can contribute to bruxism. If you have noticed that your child grinds their teeth, it is important to tell your dentist so they can monitor the health of their teeth. 

Custom Night Guards: Effective Solution for Bruxism in Children

Custom night guards are special dental devices that are made specifically for your child and help to protect their teeth while they sleep. Impressions of your child’s teeth are sent to a dental lab where the mouth guard is made. The night guard provides a barrier between the upper and lower teeth so that the surfaces cannot grind against each other. 

Key Takeaway

Mouth guards protect your child’s teeth from injuries during sports. Different types of sports mouth guards include stock, boil-and-bite, and custom-made. Night guards protect their teeth while they sleep. They prevent the teeth from touching to prevent wear caused by teeth grinding.

Types of Mouth Guards for Sports Activities

Active children who participate in contact or non-contact sports require additional protection for their teeth. Sports mouth guards come in various types, including stock mouth guards, boil-and-bite athletic mouth guards, and custom sports mouth guards.

Stock Mouth Guards

Stock mouth guards are inexpensive, pre-formed guards available in various sizes. Although affordable, they tend to be bulky and uncomfortable and may not provide effective protection against dental injuries.

Boil-and-Bite Athletic Mouth Guards

A step up from stock mouth guards, boil-and-bite guards can form to your child’s teeth by softening them in hot water, and then biting down. After cooling down in cold water, these guards provide a more customized fit compared to the stock mouth guard.

Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Custom sports mouth guards are professionally made in a dental laboratory from a mold of your child’s teeth. Although more expensive, this type of guard offers superior comfort, fit, and protection.

A Small Investment in Your Child’s Smile

Tooth loss in children can lead to long-term issues that may require expensive dental procedures down the road. By choosing a custom mouth guard for sports or teeth grinding, parents can ensure the proper development and protection of their child’s teeth.

Your Family Dentist in Denver

At Youth Dental, your child’s oral health is our top priority.  Our experienced dentists will work with you to determine the best guard option for your child’s needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about protecting your child’s beautiful smile. Trust Youth Dental to keep your family smiling bright! 

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Frequently Asked Questions Mouth Guards

How do you clean a mouthguard?

Mouthguards should be rinsed with warm water after each use and thoroughly cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste after every use. Avoid using hot water, which can cause the mouthguard to lose its shape.

How do mouthguards work?

Mouthguards work by cushioning and absorbing the impact of blows to the face, reducing the risk of dental injuries. They also help protect against teeth grinding by providing a barrier between the upper and lower teeth.

Can you wear a mouthguard with braces?

Yes, a custom-fitted mouthguard can be designed to fit over braces and protect both the teeth and orthodontic appliances during sports or while sleeping

Can I use a sports mouthguard for teeth grinding?

Sports mouthguards are not recommended for teeth grinding, as they may not provide adequate protection or comfort. It is best to consult with your dentist for a custom-fitted night guard specifically designed for bruxism.

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