Family Dentistry in Denver, CO

We have been providing comprehensive care, treatments and oral health education for our patients In Colorado for more than 15 years. We offer the advantage of having a professional, skilled team of dentists and staff at each of our three convenient locations.

Get your child started on a lifetime of good oral hygiene and a healthy smile when you make an appointment for your child to see Youth Dentistry Dentist.

Why Choose a Family Dentist? 

When you bring your whole family to the same dentist, you can benefit from all your information being in one place. That means that when your child graduates into teenage years, you don’t have to worry about finding a new dentist. We will continue to help your teen, and since we know their dental history, we will ensure they get the right dental services. 

Family dentistry also saves you time by only having to make one trip for the whole family. And you can trust that each member of the family gets the same quality services. 

From children to adults, we help every member of the family get the best dental care in Denver, CO. We help children learn proper brushing techniques, teens care for braces, and adults maintain healthy teeth throughout their lives. Our family dental services cater to every family, both big and small. We keep your mouth healthy always.

Important Reasons for Your Child to Visit A Dentist 

Visiting a dentist early in life is an important part of your child’s overall health. Your child should visit a dentist before their first birthday. The American Dental Association (ADA) points out that children are at risk of developing tooth decay as soon as their first baby teeth appear, usually around six months of age. 

Our dentists recognize the importance of early oral health care and accept patients from the time a child gets their first baby tooth. Providing ongoing care through age 21 allows your child to develop and maintain a routine of good oral health from infancy into adulthood. We want all children to have the ability to smile with confidence, which is one reason Youth Dental & Vision offers a variety of oral health care and treatments.

What Types Of Care Do Dentists at Youth Dental & Vision Offer?

One important service for your child’s oral health is regular cleanings. When we clean your child’s teeth, we use specialized procedures that clean each tooth professionally. Whether your child brushes their own teeth or you brush their teeth for them, it is not possible to eliminate all bacteria that potentially lead to tooth decay. Professional cleanings provided by our dentistry team removes bacteria and stains, and helps maintain healthy gums. 

If you have a school-age child, scheduling a back-to-school exam is an ideal time for a cleaning and digital x-rays, or other hygiene services that allows our dentist to check for oral health issues. Does your child play sports at school or on a community team? Bring the child’s mouth guard to the appointment. We are happy to check for proper fit, wear and tear.

Some children need treatments for cavities or other conditions that pose a risk to overall oral health. If your child needs a filling, crown or restorative services after breaking a tooth as result of accident or sports injury, we use gentle, yet comprehensive care that helps your child feel comfortable and welcomed at our practice. 

Give Your Child a Head Start On A Lifetime Of Good Oral Health

Contact us for an appointment at our Denver, Aurora or Thornton location, where we provide exceptional, professional dental care to children, from infants to young adults.